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  Medailles Olympiques



Maikro Romero, Or
Héctor Vinent, Or
Ariel Hernández, Or
Félix Savón Or
Juan Hernández Sierra, Argent

Volleyball (women), Or

Baseball, Or

Lutte Grec
Filiberto Azcuy, Or
Juán Luis Marén, Argent

Lutte Libre
Alexis Vila, Bronze

Poids Et Alteres
Pablo Lara, Or

Judo (women)
Driulys González, Or
Estela Rodríguez, Argent
Legna Verdecia, Bronze
Diadenis Luna, Bronze
Amarilys Savón, Bronze

Judo (men)
Israel Hernández, Bronze

Iván Trebejo (sword), Argent
Team men (fleurete), Bronze

Ana Fidelia Quirot (women 800m), Argent
Yoelvis Quesada (men triple jump), Bronze

Rodolfo Falcón (men 100m backstroke), Argent
Neisser Bent (men 100m backstroke), Bronze



Joel Casamayor, Or
Héctor Vinent, Or
Ariel Hernández, Or
Félix Savón, Or
Rogelio Marcelo, Or
Juan Carlos Lemus, Or
Roberto Balado, Or
Juan Hernández Sierra, Argent

Baseball, Or

Voleyball (women), Or

Javier Sotomayor (men high jump), Or
Ioannet Quintero (women high jump), Bronze
Maritza Martén (women discus throwing), Or
Roberto Moya (men discus throwing), Bronze
Men (4x100 relay race), Argent
Ana Fidelia Quirot (women 800m), Bronze

Judo (women)
Odalys Revé, Or

Lutte Grec
Alejandro Puerto, Or
Héctor Milián, Or
Wilber Sánchez, Bronze
Juan Luis Marén, Bronze

Lutte Libre
Lázaro Reinoso, Bronze

Team men (fleurete), Argent

Poids Et Alteres
Pablo Lara, Argent

MOSCÚ 1980

Bautista Hérnandez, Or
Angel Herrera, Or
Andrés Aldama, Or
Armando Martínez, Or
José Gómez, Or
Teófilo Stevenson, Or
Hipólito Ramos, Argent
Adolfo Horta, Argent
José Aguilar, Bronze
Ricardo Rodríguez, Bronze

Judo (men)
Rafael Rodríguez, Argent
Juan Ferrer Lahera, Argent
Isaac Azcuy, Argent

María Caridad Colón (women javelin), Or
Silvio Leonard (men 100m), Argent
Alejandro Casañas (men 100m hurdle race), Argent
Luis Mariano Delís (men discus throwing), Bronze

Poids Et Alteres
Daniel Nuñez, Or
Alberto Blanco, Bronze

Roberto Castrillo, Bronze



Jorge Hernández, Or
Angel Herrera, Or
Teófilo Stevenson, Or
Gilberto Carrillo, Argent
Ramón Duvalón, Argent
Andrés Aldama, Argent
Sixto Soria, Argent
Douglas Rodríguez, Bronze
Rolando Garbey, Bronze
Luis Felipe Martínez, Bronze

Judo (men)
Héctor Rodríguez, Or

Alberto Juantorena (men 400m), Or
Alberto Juantorena (men 800m), Or
Alejando Casañas (men 100m hurdle race), Argent

Volleyball (men), Bronze



Orlando Martínez, Or
Emilio Correa, Or
Teófilo Stevenson, Or

Silvia Chibás (women 100m), Bronze
Women (4x100 relay race), Bronze

Basketball (men), Bronze



Men (4x100 relay race), Argent
Women(4x100relay race), Argent

Enrique Regueiferos, Argent
Rolando Garbey, Argent


TOKÍO 1964

Enrique Figuerola (men 100m), Argent



Carlos de Cárdenas, Argent



Ramón Fonst (sword), Or
Charles Tatham (sword), Argent
Alberto Van Zo (sword), Bronze
Ramón Fonst (fleurete), Or
Alberto Van Zo (fleurete), Argent
Charles Tatham (fleurete), Bronze
Alberto Van Zo (french sword), Or
Manuel Díaz (french sword), Or
Alberto Van Zo (french sword), Bronze
Team men (fleurete), Or


PARÍS 1900

Ramón Fonst (sword), Or

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